All That You Need to About Whatsapp Status for Travel

In these days of social media, our status updates on a platform like Whatsapp gives expression to the kind of personality we have and the kind of ‘image’ we would like to portray to the world. For example, if travelling is your passion, or is something that you do for a living, then the best status for whatsapp could be something in tune with your travel experiences. A photograph or a short GIF showcasing the latest place that you’ve been to may convey your status more clearly than words could express.

The Whatsapp status reflects a person’s moods, random musings, or his current predicaments. Though the new updated status feature on Whatsapp looks inspired by a few other social media apps like Snapchat or Instagram, it is very useful and easy-to-setup.

The privacy settings in Whatsapp enables you to control who can see your status. The Status Privacy option in the menu has three choices – ‘my contacts’, ‘my contacts except’, or ‘only share with’ to control who can see your status updates. And once you’veopted forwho can see your status updates you can also know who has viewed your status. There are options for deleting and forwarding the status as well.

Your status in Whatsapp is the new way to open conversations or tell a story without having to communicate with words. However, be reminded that your updates will remain so for a 24hour window and disappear automatically after that.

This new status feature is a cool ‘live’ option to have a record ofyour travel experiences and share with your friends and family. You can share multiple photos. It makes for a good utilitarian feature in all and there’s no need to scroll endlessly to read a status update. It is fast and frees people from going through streams of other people’s content.