Best Countries for Beauty Treatments

If you are a traveler you must have visited a lot of countries and when you visit a supermarket there you will notice that different countries have different ingredients as beauty products in their beauty products section. For example, you can take Japan, they make use of seaweed to eat as well as in their skin care products whereas in Greek they make use of olive oil as a moisturizer for everything from hair to skin. If you think about it there are plenty of beauty treatments all over the world.

  1. For tanning, carrot juice is used in Brazil. To get that healthy and tan that looks natural, some women claim that drinking carrot juice will help. There is beta-carotene in carrots. By eating this lot can cause your skin to appear a little orange.
  2. In Australia, for conditioner, they make use of emu oil. The emu oil is got by extracting from a bird of Australia known as an emu. They make use of this to treat hair and skin. It is also appreciated for the properties of healing. Many people say that by using this oil it will help in reducing psoriasis, acne, and eczema. It also has a healing property that will soothe the burns.
  3. If you have visited Croatia you will see that to heal an itchy scalp woman wash their hair with boiled nettles. It is also used for hair loss and hair thinning. Some people even believe that it helps if they ingest themselves with nettle supplement.
  4. In Japan, they use rice powder as an exfoliator.Rejuvenate your skin with this facial made from rice powder. For hundreds of years, Japanese hostesses have been using to clean up blemishes, smooth pigmentation and reduce wrinkles. If you visit Asia you will see that lot of beauty products in the market make use of rice flour as their main ingredient.