No need to travel, pass a drug test at home

Yes, we know it’s a torture!

With rules and regulations that make it mandatory for you to take the urine test in order to pass a drug test imposed by your employer, we know how tough life has become for you. Yes, we know how it is and believe me you that in this article we are going to show you some of the best and the easiest ways to do it. Oui these are the best ways to pass a drug test.

Please, please steer away from something really drastic:

If you have to take a test that is unfortunately very close in time, please do not do anything too drastic such as drinking liquid bleach or vinegar by the bottle. You will only compound your health condition and still not be able to pass the test. So, take our word for it.

Natural vs. synthetic tests:

In a bid to save on time and be handle to handle the situation well at hand you may be tempted to try the non natural ways to be able to clear your system of any traces of drugs. But we recommend that you stop short. Chemicals can have a devastating effect on the delicate organs and sometimes you may tend to overdo in your nervousness.

The natural way of clearing your system is highly recommended. Of course, this will take time but it will eventually happen.

  1. The best diet plan and lots of exercises:

This works like nothing else. So, if you have roughly about 4 to 6 weeks time before you take the test, follow a healthy diet regime and exercise with discipline and steer away totally from drugs during this period;

  1. If you do not have the time:

You can go in for detoxifying drinks that are available in the market. They are safe and do not have any effects later on.

  1. Sport a fake penis:

You can hide a fake penis in your pants aka ‘the Whizzinator’ and make sure that the synthetic urine is warmed up to your body temperature.

In case you want to check a sample before you submit yours, you can buy a home drug test kit online. Thank god for online, it has saved millions from the embarrassment of asking such things over the counter at pharmacies.