Common Mistakes People Make When Traveling

When you travel, a lot of planning and executing have to take place. There are a lot of times when one plans one thing but it turns out a whole different way.

Do you feel you make some mistakes while traveling? Here are some common mistakes people make while traveling:

Booking Tickets

People take time to plan the trip and book the tickets close to the date of travel. It is wise to do this only when there are chances of the trip getting canceled. Even then, there is the matter of cancellation policies and refund to think about. Hence unless it is an emergency, one should not consider canceling the trip very close to the departure date.

Being this the case, one should book the tickets well in advance to take advantage of early bird offers, where they get better discounts. The closer the date of your booking- less is the discount.


People book their accommodations based on photos they see online. Many of these photos are Photoshopped and the real place may not look as great as in the photos. Rather than going with just the photos on the website, on should read reviews to know more about the place.

Also, book a hotel that has access to public transport or closer to the area you plan to visit. This will not only save you a lot of traveling time but will make it easier to commute.

For those wondering how to travel for free, walking around the city, hitching a ride, can be the best options. Apart from this, public transports can save you a lot of money when compared to taxis and other private transports.

Travelling need not be stressful or expensive. It can be more fun when planned well and everything is taken into consideration. At the same time, one should remember things can get out of hand and last minute changes can happen. Be open to this when you are on a trip and it can be a great experience.