Does Finding A Good Restaurant Near Me Need To Be Difficult?

I am excited today:

My close pal recommended this application to me that allows me to search all the eating places in the vicinity. I have been thinking about why no one thought of this as yet. Apparently, a quick Google search yielded result saying that there is a multitude of applications catering to this but none of them actually come close in functionality and aesthetics as My fafo.

This one is not just for travel:

There is one thing I realized that some of the applications are earmarked for travel and that is exactly how my friend recommended it to me since I am slated to travel this month. She thought that this app would be extremely useful to me especially because I plan to take my infant along. Thank god for such well-meaning friends!

But, I decided to try it even while I am still at the station and what do I find? There is a pizzeria that is only a walk down my street and an Indian restaurant across the church on the opposite road! I am a self-confessed Indian food fan and I have been craving for it for ages. But I was under the impression that there is no Indian food place anywhere that I stay.

So, I decided to explore the new places that I am happily finding on the application and treating myself to gastronomical treats. Even the other day at the get-together, I ordered some Indian snacks from this new place and all the friends went lip smacking. Apparently, this is one cuisine that they had never explored.

I keep recommending this app to everyone I come across:

Spreading the good word is an advertisement itself and every time I hit a new place which I was hitherto unaware of I always give credit to the things that deserve it, my friend, the smart device and the application!