Have Fun At Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country and one should not pass up the opportunity to visit this beauty. Here are a few things one can do at Vietnam. Whether you are there on business or fir leisure, be sure to attempt at least a few of these:

  • Helicopter Tour – For those who are not worried about the budget and wouldn’t mind spending a little extra to see this beautiful country in a different angle, take a helicopter ride. Da Nang City is one of the best places to see from a bird’s view. This will save you a lot of time too!
  • Fly Boarding – For those who are keen on adventure sports, try fly boarding. The sheer fun of flying above water with the pressure underneath your feet, is exhilarating. It is not very expensive and is very enjoyable.
  • Backpacking – For those who want to enjoy the country to its fullest, backpacking is the way. If you are ready to stay in a different place every day and not enjoy star hotel accommodation, you can stay at hostels and share rooms. This will enable you to have a different experience, which you are sure to take with you all your life. When you walk around, you tend to see more and explore better than going in a car or a bus, guided by a professional tourist.
  • Cruise – Go on a day cruise around Halong Bay. You can sail past the limestone formations and see some of nature’s best works. This is a treat to your eyes and stomach as you will be treated to a sumptuous sea food meal on board.
  • Shop – What is the point in going to another country, if you cannot shop? Yes you may get all those items back home, sometimes cheaper too. But shopping on foreign soil is always very satisfying.

If you are going to Vietnam from the US, ensure you obtain a Visa for Vietnam from us rather than trying to get a visa on arrival. This will save you a lot of time and effort.