How Did Kings Travel In The Middle Ages

The Medieval age was the time when there were no roads but just dust and dirt and mud. The Kings during that time traveled on horseback and their ladies in wagons which were covered with high-quality clothes.

Even the kings did not have a lot of luxury during those days and the roads used to be bumpy which could be felt on horseback. The travel on a horse was not very fast and one could cover not more than 50 to 60 km each day. While reciprocating saw buying guide.

The king’s stuff was carried by the workers on carts which were filled with straw and hay.

The other option for the kings was to travel through water. It was not only faster but also much more comfortable than traveling on land. The ship used to have a single sail and did not have rudders. The rudders were invented only in the 13th century.

As per popular belief that people used to stay only in their villages without knowing what was happening in the world is something that is absolutely wrong. In fact, the kings and the people during that time did travel.

This was however dependent on the means that one had to travel. The kings during those times traveled very far and wide.

Pilgrim age was an other reason why the kings used to travel during the middle ages. The kings used to travels far and wide and also bring back stories about various places.

The king and the higher social class used to travel a lot. They were mostly constantly traveling. This was not just a luxury but the need of the hour too. The local resources used to get consumed fast. The king also used to travel to visit the nobles.

Even though the kings and his upper-class members used to travel but traveling was not very safe those times. There was the danger of bandits and the king and his troop also had to prepare well for the travel.